Women In Biology

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    Can one girl's curiosity change the world? It’s not really a question of if—it’s a question of how.

    Women In Biology

    Can one girl's curiosity change the world? It did a few hundred years ago, when Maria Sibylla Merian advanced science by drawing super-detailed pictures of insects and plants. And it did almost a thousand years ago, when Hildegard of Bingen figured out that water must be cleaned before people can drink it. And it did again with Jane Cooke Wright, and again with Linda Buck, and again with Barbara McClintock, and again, and again, and again.

    What scientific question do you have? And what’s your best guess—your hypothesis—for what you think might be the answer? Your curiosity might lead you somewhere incredible. Who knows? It might even change the world.

    Introducing the basics of biology with topics like cells, DNA, genes, research, experiments, and more, Women in Biology is the first book in the “Science Wide Open” series. The story answers complex ideas in a way that’s both accurate and approachable, challenging readers to begin their own journey of discovery and wonder. Written by Mary Wissinger, illustrated by Danielle Pioli, created and edited by John Coveyou, and published by Science, Naturally!

    Mary Wissinger
    Danielle Pioli
    March 2017