Why Do Flowers Grow?

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    Rabbit and her friends set out on a quest to figure out why flowers grow. But the answer isn’t easy to find.

    Why Do Flowers Grow?

    Rabbit wants to know why flowers grow. But Frog doesn’t have an answer, and neither does Piggy. They ask Horse, and he tells them to ask Sheep. Finally, they ask Mole. Mole says flowers grow so he can eat them—and then he eats their whole bouquet. Unsatisfied, the friends decide to consult Butterfly, Bee, and a young girl who happens upon their picnic.

    Can flowers grow for more than one reason? Do flowers need a reason to grow in the first place? Come along with Rabbit and her forest friends as they set out to solve this seemingly simple mystery. It might be more challenging than they think!

    Why Do Flowers Grow? is an easy-reading story about how even simple things can be seen through a spectrum of perspectives. Written by Harriet Ziefert, illustrated by A.G. Jatkowska, and published by Brain Food Kids.

    Harriet Ziefert
    Ag Jatkowska