Who's That Dog?

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    From eating shoes to drinking out of the toilet, this dog has some really silly habits!

    Who's That Dog?

    This dog has some quirky habits—and those habits tend to cause a ruckus. Such as chewing on shoes and drinking out of the toilet. Or digging holes in the yard to bury his favorite bones. Or begging at the table, getting litty muddy paw prints on the bed, and knocking over furniture when he chases his tail!

    Join this goofy canin as he races around the neighborhood having fun. Giggle along as he gets into all kinds of silly trouble. With all the wild antics, a person can’t help but start to wonder… who exactly is this dog?

    Who’s That Dog follows the silly—and sometimes outrageous—daily habits of fun loving dogs, while acknowledging that some relationships just come with a mess attached. Written by Steph Clarkson and illustrated by Ellie O’Shea, Who’s That Dog is in the same beloved series as Who’s That Cat. Published by Rainstorm Publishing, an imprint of Kidsbooks Publishing.

    Steph Clarkson
    Ellie O'Shea
    February 2020