Who's That Cat?

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    From napping in the sink to scratching up the couch, this cat has some quirky habits—and they’re causing a mess!

    Who's That Cat?

    The cat in this house has some quirky habits—and those habits tend to cause a mess. Such as hiding under the socks and napping in the sink. Or scratching coats and cushions to keep its claws sharp. Or howling at dogs, getting stuck in trees, pouncing on the mailman, and hunting through the garbage for scraps.

    Join this silly feline as it tears around the house on a quest to cause a bit of mischief. Wherever it goes, a trail of broken dishes, stolen food, and shredded papers seem to follow. With so many wild escapades, a person can’t help but start to wonder… who exactly is this cat?

    Who’s That Cat follows the silly—and sometimes outrageous—daily habits of household felines, while acknowledging that some relationships just come with a mess attached. Written by Steph Clarkson and illustrated by Erica Salcedo, Who’s That Cat is in the same beloved series as Who’s That Dog. Published by Rainstorm Publishing, an imprint of Kidsbooks Publishing.

    Steph Clarkson
    Erica Salcedo
    September 2019