Who is Boo?

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    When Iz and Norb find buried treasure, they set out on a quest to find the key—and the chest’s original owner.

    Who is Boo?

    While digging for unicorn horns in the yard, Iz and Norb find a treasure chest. What could be inside? The name “Boo” is engraved on the lock. Who is Boo? Did they own the chest? Will they have the key? Iz and Norb set out on a quest for answers.

    But the more they ask about this mysterious Boo, the more uncertain they become. Is Boo a speedy yellow fellow or a sweet wee lad? Is he red as rage with claws galore, and jaws the size of dinosaurs? When Iz and Norb finally find where Boo lives, Norb is almost too afraid to knock on the door. Maybe Boo will live up to the rumors—or maybe he’ll be something entirely different than they expect.

    Who Is Boo? is a charming story about how gossip can distort our ideas of people we may have never even met. The narrative also alludes to the idea that rumors say less about their subject and more about the individuals spreading the rumor. Written and illustrated by Jonathan Sundy, Who Is Boo? is a Vooks Original.

    Jonathan Sundy
    Jonathan Sundy
    January 2020