Where Is The Rocket?

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    Blasting off, circling round—under, over, up, and down. Where is the rocket headed next? That depends on you!

    Where Is The Rocket?

    A girl is dreaming of a rocket ship. It’s blasting off, circling round—under, over, up and down. Where is the dream rocket headed? Sometimes it’s near. Sometimes it’s far. It’s up and to the left of that cluster of stars. Over and under, through the jaws of space gators. It blasts and it zooms all over the place—at the top or the bottom of the corners of space.

    Which direction do you wander in your dreams? Do you know left from right, and the bottom from the top? Follow this dream rocket as it zooms in every direction imaginable—and even zooms upside down. Just try not to get too mixed up!

    A directional primer, Where is the Rocket follows a spaceship across the page (and screen) as it teaches left, right, up, down, and everything in between. Written by Harriet Ziefert and illustrated by Barroux. Published by Blue Apple Books.

    Harriet Ziefert
    September 2014