Where Does Kitty Go in the Rain?

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    A rainy day adventure searching for kitty & learning about rain and why animals enjoy or avoid it.

    Where Does Kitty Go in the Rain?

    It’s a rainy day outside and kitty is nowhere to be found. Join a little girl and her mother as they embark on an exciting outdoor adventure to find their missing pet. Along the way, many questions arise—what makes a duck waterproof? Where do butterflies go to stay dry? What is rain? This adorable fiction/non-fiction story helps little ones discover what different animals do to enjoy (or avoid) a wet and rainy day. Part cute kitty mystery, part science and exploration, Where Does Kitty Go in the Rain? is sure to inspire curiosity and wonder! Where Does Kitty Go in the Rain? is written by Harriet Ziefert, beautifully illustrated by Brigette Barrager and published by Blue Apple Books.

    Harriet Ziefert
    Brigette Barrager
    June 2015
    7m 15s