What is a Family?

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    Love the ABCs, animals, and celebrating families? This book is for you!

    What is a Family?

    “Ants have a colony. Bats have a cloud. Chickens have peeps, where they can get loud.”

    From A to Z, have fun learning all about animals and their unique families. Dolphin families are pods, iguana families are called messes, and kitties have litters. Each animal family is different and each family has its own unique name.

    Whether learning the alphabet, animals, animal family names, or celebrating your own unique family, What Is a Family? is a fun introduction to the families all around us.

    What Is a Family? is written by Annette Griffin, illustrated by Nichola Cowdery, and published by Familius.

    Annette Griffin
    Nichola Cowdery
    July 2020