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    This dog is desperate for a treat—but no matter how hard he begs, he can’t seem to get his paws on one.


    Like all dogs, this dog wants a treat. In fact, he’s desperate for one. When he sleeps, he dreams of treats—steamy hot dogs and fistfulls of cereal, sugary cupcakes and dripping ice cream bars. When he wakes, he wanders in search of tasty bites. He begs, and performs, and whines. But the toddler doesn’t share her food. The older brother is too busy drawing. Grandma is snoozing and grandpa is flossing and no one seems to understand what this dog needs!

    Finally, sadly, the dog returns to his dreams of sweet, unreachable treats. Does the family even care that he hasn’t had a treat all day? Will he ever get one? Come along to find out!

    A relatable story about dogs, treats, and the frustration that comes with not being understood, Treat is for anyone who's ever thrown a dog a bone. Written and illustrated by Mary Sullivan. Published by the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

    Mary Sullivan
    Mary Sullivan
    March 2016