The Thing About Bees

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    Sometimes the things we fear are simply the things we don't fully understand.

    The Thing About Bees

    Sometimes bees can be a bit rude. They fly in your face and prance on your food. And yet… without bees, we might not have strawberries for shortcakes or avocados for tacos!

    The Thing About Bees is equal parts love letter from a father to his two sons and step-by-step guide to understanding the bees that pollinate the foods we love. A visual and poetic masterpiece written and illustrated by Shabazz Larkin, this profound yet effortlessly approachable story promotes a message of love and respect for the things we might not otherwise fully understand.

    The Thing About Bees is published by Readers to Eaters, whose mission is to promote food literacy through a better understanding of what and how we eat.

    Shabazz Larkin
    August 2019