The Tagalongs

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    Today is the perfect day for a solo hike to Pancake Peak—but Julia won’t be making the trek alone.

    The Tagalongs

    Today is the perfect day to hike up to Pancake Peak. The air is fresh, Julia is prepared, and she’ll be traveling by herself—just the way she likes it. She plans to trek past Muffin Meadow, through Black Coffee Cave, across Bacon Bridge, over Hashbrown Hill, and finally to the tip-top of Pancake Peak. By the time she gets home, she’ll be just in time for a tasty dinner.

    However, Julia doesn’t realize that someone will be following her hike. And atop Pancake Peak, she might pick up a few extra travelers with no way of getting back down. Will Julia’s solo journey be ruined? Or will these tagalongs turn out to be some of her new best friends?

    A Vooks Original, The Tagalongs touches on themes of independence, self-reliance, and getting out to enjoy the natural world. The narrative also shows the value of diverse strengths, helping strangers, sharing what we have, and including others—even if we didn’t start out on the same team. Written and illustrated by Megan Marie Myers.

    Megan Marie Myers
    Megan Marie Myers
    January 2022