The Stick

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    A young boy finds a stick in the park that completely changes his life forever.

    The Stick

    When a young boy finds a strange stick in the park, his life completely changes. The stick fills his mind with imagination and wonder, helping him achieve his dreams and live a happy and full life. But it's not until years later that he discovers the full meaning of the stick and the true power of giving.

    Imagination lives in you! This beautiful story, created by silhouette artist and children's author Clay Rice, celebrates imagination and kindness. The calming imagery, heartfelt story and soothing tone make it perfect as a bedtime story or to enjoy anytime of the day. Published by Familius, The Stick brings a warm story to life that is sure to inspire little ones to dream big and share the gift of imagination with others.

    Clay Rice
    Clay Rice
    January 2014