The Mighty Silent e!

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    Little e is sure he could be a hero. He even has the cape! But at school, he’s so quiet, he mostly goes unnoticed.

    The Mighty Silent e!

    Little e has always known he was important. After all, he comes from a long line of E’s. In his heart, he can tell he has the power to be a hero—he even has a blue cape! He just needs the chance to prove himself. But at school, Little e is so quiet, the other little letters rarely pay him any attention.

    That is, until the day Little e doesn’t show up to class. At first, the other letters don’t even notice he’s gone. But then c, a, and k try to form a word for dessert, and they can’t make it work. The whole class is suddenly in an uproar. Without their silent friend, what are they going to do? Will Little e finally get his chance to come to the rescue?

    While cleverly teaching spelling, grammar, and vowel rules, The Mighty Silent e also presents an important message: You don’t have to be loud to be a hero—you just have to be yourself. The narrative celebrates identity, diversity, and contributions from everyone. Written by Kimberlee Gard, illustrated by Sandie Sonke, and published by Familius.

    Kimberlee Gard
    Sandie Sonke
    August 2020