The Lion and the Beetle

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    When the lion cub summons the other young animals to admire him, he meets a beetle—and something unexpected happens.

    The Lion and the Beetle

    The lion cub is a beautiful creature. One day, he looks into the water of the lake and notices how noble he looks. For hours, he poses in front of his glassy reflection. He deserves to be king, he realizes. So the cub puts on his father’s heavy crown and sends a message to the other young animals, asking them to come see his majesty.

    When the other young animals arrive, they’re impressed. The lion cub commands them to bow before him, and they do. But there’s one creature among them who is smaller than all the rest. So small, the cub isn’t even sure that it’s bowing. What comes next will teach the cub—and the other animals—a very valuable lesson.

    A classic African folk story, The Lion and the Beetle cleverly illustrates the divisive nature of pride, and how vanity can prevent us from enjoying life’s simplest pleasures. It also shows how, big or small, a person’s outlook shapes their perception of both the world and themself. Written by Leslie Falconer, illustrated by Chris Lensch, and published by Experience Early Learning Company.

    Leslie Falconer
    Chris Lensch
    January 2019