The Life of — La Vida de Pelé

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    Pelé is the greatest soccer player in history. Where does his story begin? With newspapers, a sock, and a bit of string.

    The Life of — La Vida de Pelé

    Meet Pelé, the greatest soccer player in history. Born in Brazil, Pelé was just a kid when his dad taught him to play soccer. They didn’t have much money—their ball was a sock stuffed with newspaper, tied up with string. Yet even as a boy, people were amazed by Pelé’s talent. By fifteen, he joined his first professional team. At sixteen, he was invited to play for Brazil’s national team.

    In the years to come, Pelé would score over 1,000 goals and win three world championships for his home country. And what does his story teach us? That it doesn’t matter where your journey begins. With skill, hard work, and a dream, anything is possible.

    Told in English and Spanish, The Life of Pelé follows the true-life story of renowned soccer star Pelé, who is widely considered the greatest player of all time. A tribute to overcoming the odds, The Life of Pelé is a Lil' Libros Bilingual Biography. Written by Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein, illustrated by Citlali Reyes, and published by Lil’ Libros.

    Patty Rodriguez, Ariana Stein
    Citlali Reyes
    September 2020