The Hiccupotamus

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    What’s worse than always having the hiccups? How about being a hippo who falls on his bottom every time he’s got ‘em?

    The Hiccupotamus

    This is the story of the hiccupotamus: A hippo with a never-ending case of the hiccups. One day, the hippo sees an elephant. He tries to say hello, but his hiccups get in the way. Soon, instead of a new friend, he’s got an angry elephant chasing after him—right through a poor centipede’s newly poured cement. When a flossing rhinoceros gets involved, it’s decided: The hiccups must come to an end.

    Come along for a wild, wacky, unexpectedly startling quest to rid the hippo of his hiccups. Will the elephant, centipede, and rhinoceros find a solution? What if there is no cure? Maybe fixing the problem will be easier than they think. Or maybe the hiccups are here to stay.

    The Hiccupotamus is an adorable story about making new friends, working together, and using both creativity and critical thinking to solve a challenging problem. Written and illustrated by Aaron Zenz and published by Dogs in Hats Children’s Publishing.

    Aaron Zenz
    Aaron Zenz
    September 2009