The Hens That Live on Jack's Farm

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    What can you do with the eggs from the hens that live on Jack’s farm? Dye them, hide them, fry them, and more!

    The Hens That Live on Jack's Farm

    There is a gaggle of hens that live on Jack’s farm. They’re fluffy and feathered, and they lay eggs in the chicken coop every day. Jack’s kids collect those eggs and bring them home in a basket. What do they do with those eggs?

    Well, the eggs get cooked in a bunch of different ways—scrambled, fried, sunny-side up. The yolks can be separated from the whites, and the whites get whipped into a meringue. (That’s a kind of dessert.) The eggs are used as an important ingredient for cake and other pastries. And the eggshells get crushed and used to feed the soil. And isn’t there something else that eggs are used for—a holiday that’s all about eggs?

    The Hens That Live on Jack’s Farm explains the many uses for our foods, from nutrition to fertilizer to holiday fun. It also helps connect the circle of consumption, showing gratitude for the plants, animals, and people who nurture our lives. Written by Margo Linn, illustrated by Brian Fitzgerald, and published by Blue Apple Books.

    Margo Linn
    Brian Fitzgerald