The Farmer

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    In the village, everyone rests except for Paul. He mows, rakes, digs, and waters. And then, the plants begin to grow.

    The Farmer

    In the village, everyone is sleeping. Well, everyone except for Paul. Paul is a farmer. Out in the fields, he mows, and rakes, and sows, and draws water. Paul works until he’s exhausted. Every day, he watches, checks, and inspects. He does everything he can to give his seeds a chance to flourish. And soon, beautiful plants and flowers begin to spring up around him.

    But what happens when the dry season arrives, and the sun beats down without mercy? Will the rain come fast enough? Will the plants wither in the heat? Join Paul as he does the careful work all farmers must do: tending, nurturing, watching, and—most importantly—waiting.

    Taking a look at the unseen work (and worries) a farmer undertakes with their land, The Farmer shows the cycle of both nurturing and trusting the earth. Written and illustrated by Ximo Abadia and published by Holiday House, the narrative emphasizes the importance of perseverance.

    Ximo Abadia
    March 2019