The Digger and the Flower

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    When he finds something growing among the rubble, Digger—and his city—will be changed forever.

    The Digger and the Flower

    Each day, the big trucks go to work. They scoop and hoist and push. They build tall buildings for working, wide roads for driving, and long bridges for crossing. Every day, they build until the loud whistle blows—and then they do it all over again, filling each city block. But then one day, Digger finds something growing among the rubble. A lovely little something called a flower.

    Digger begins caring for the flower—watering it, protecting it, singing it to sleep. But when time comes for the trucks to put a building where the flower grows, what will Digger do? Will he be able to save the flower? Is there any place where lovely little flowers can still flourish?

    The Digger and the Flower is a heartfelt story of tenderness and caring for the world around us. Written and illustrated by Joseph Kuefler. Published by Balzer + Bray.

    Joseph Kuefler
    Joseph Kuefler
    January 2018