The Day Punctuation Came to Town

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    A new family has moved to town—the Punctuations! But, how will they fit in at their new school?

    The Day Punctuation Came to Town

    A new family has moved to Alphabet City—the Punctuations! It’s the first day at a new school for Exclamation Point, Question Mark, Period and Comma. As the letters in school begin forming words, the Punctuations join in the fun. Exclamation Point adds excitement to the words! Question Mark helps the words ask questions. Period brings a nice stop to things. But, Comma isn’t sure how he fits in. He can’t help but feel like he’s just getting in the way and slowing things down. Do the letters even need Comma? What would happen if he wasn’t around?

    This wonderful introduction to punctuation is as heart-felt as it is educational. The Day Punctuation Came to Town makes language fun and cleverly teaches the important role punctuation plays. From family-focused publisher Familius, this delightful story is written by Kimberlee Gard with illustrations by Sandie Sonke.

    Kimberlee Gard
    Sandie Sonke
    May 2019