The Cow that Jack Milked

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    Where do the milk, the butter, the yogurt, the whipped cream, and even the ice cream come from? Better ask Jack.

    The Cow that Jack Milked

    There’s a dairy cow on Jack’s farm. She’s spotted and strong, and she likes to chew the grass that grows in Jack’s pasture. Every day, Jack milks the dairy cow—and the cow gives him eight gallons of milk. What does he do with all that milk?

    Well, kids drink the milk and pour it on their cereal. The milk is boiled into yogurt or whipped up with vanilla and sugar to make whipped cream. It’s even an ingredient in ice cream. Kittens like to eat the milk’s cream—and the cream can be churned into butter. There’s something else the milk is used for too. Something that just about everybody loves.

    The Cow that Jack Milked is a charmingly simple tale of how one dairy cow can provide food for an entire community. Written by Margo Linn, illustrated by Brian Fitzgerald, and published by Blue Apple Books.

    Margo Linn
    Brian Fitzgerald
    May 2019