The Boy Who Grew a Forest

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    The trees are disappearing from Jadav’s island. What does he decide to do about it? Plant a forest, of course.

    The Boy Who Grew a Forest

    Jadav lives on an island in the middle of a river. When floodwaters begin destroying the island’s trees, Jadav starts planting bamboo. The shoots grow into a thicket—but Jadav fears it’s not enough. He collects supplies and seeds from neighboring villages. He tends the plants each day. And slowly, acre by acre, animal by animal, the thicket grows into something remarkable.

    Follow the true-life story of Jadav, the boy who grew a forest. His 1,300-acre sanctuary—that’s over 900 football fields of forest—stands as an important reminder of a powerful truth: A single person can make an incredible difference.

    The Boy Who Grew a Forest traces the story of Jadav Payeng, a Mishing tribesman whose life demonstrates the importance of personal responsibility, patience, care, and hard work. Winner of numerous awards, the book was written by Sophia Ghotz, illustrated by Kayla Harren, and is published by Sleeping Bear Press.

    Sophia Gholz
    Kayla Harren
    March 2019