The Best Seat

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    When someone is in Jack’s favorite seat, it will be a race to find an even better “best seat!”

    The Best Seat

    For Jack the cat there is nothing better than sitting in his favorite chair and listening to his favorite music! But, today something is different. Someone else is sitting in Jack’s favorite seat! Walrus has decided it is his favorite seat, too. Neither Jack nor Walrus want to share, so they race off to find a brand new best seat. The duo try every possible seat in the house, but will they ever be able to find the very best seat? And, in the process, will they discover something even better?

    Giggle along as Jack and Walrus race to find the very best spot to nap. Even more than a fun-filled, silly race to relaxation, The Best Seat is a story of an unlikely duo finding common ground, learning to share, and forging a new friendship through shared experiences. The Best Seat is written by Zach Hamilton and published by StoryBook Genius Publishing.

    Zach Hamilton
    Yip Jar Design