The Bear Who Never Gave Up

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    Bear loves to dance—but he’s too clumsy to jive with the other animals. Is there any dance he’s good at?

    The Bear Who Never Gave Up

    Bear loves to dance. But when he tries to dance with the other animals, he can’t seem to get the moves right. He’s too clumsy for ballet with the giraffes. He’s too stiff for breakdancing with the monkeys. The rhinos say he’s too slow for tap-dance—and Zebra claims he’s too strong for swing. Even synchronized swimming doesn’t click!

    But when Bear notices a poster for a bears-only ice skating competition, he decides to sign up. He’s very nervous. Will he be able to stay on his feet? Will ice skating be something he’s good at? Or will the ice prove just as challenging and awkward as everything else?

    Written and illustrated by Monika Filipina, The Bear Who Never Gave Up is a book for every child (and adult) who struggles to find their groove and gets singled out as a result. The story touches on themes of self-expression, individuality, conformity, and discovering one’s place. Published by Willow Tree Books.

    Monika Filipina Trzpil
    Monika Filipina Trzpil
    October 2018