That's Not Funny Bunny

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    When Bunny tries very, very hard to impress his friends, he finds the task much more difficult than expected.

    That's Not Funny Bunny

    One day, Bunny decides to impress his friends. But how can he make them think he’s funny? First, he tries swirling and twirling around like a ballerina. His friends aren’t impressed. Next, he tries wearing silly hats and wigs. Still, his friends aren’t amused. He puts on costumes—first a superhero outfit, then a solar system suit. Still, nothing seems to work.

    Why don’t Bunny’s friends think he’s funny? Should he try harder to impress them? Or is there something else going on that Bunny doesn’t see? Come along as Bunny learns a vital lesson about the difference between playing, performing, and simply being yourself.

    That’s Not Funny, Bunny! is a simple story that probes the difference between expressing yourself and accepting yourself as you are. Themes of self-love, self-knowledge, and friendship are woven into the narrative. Written and illustrated by Bethany Rose Hines, and published by Imagine That.

    Bethany Rose Hines
    Bethany Rose Hines
    June 2017