Sylvia's Spinach

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    A picky eater discovers the joy of growing food and the pleasure of tasting something new.

    Sylvia's Spinach

    Sylvia Spivens always says no to spinach. So, what happens when her teacher gives her a packet of spinach seeds to plant for the school garden? She tries to trade them for something better, of course. When that fails, Sylvia has no choice but to plant her spinach seeds. At first nothing happens, but little by little the spinach grows, and Sylvia’s curiosity grows with it. In the end, growing her own food might just be the thing Sylvia needs to finally say yes to spinach.

    There’s something magical about growing your own food. From a school garden to a garden in the community or at home, when kids grow their own food, their minds are opened to a whole new world. Follow along with Sylvia as she discovers how fun and exciting a garden can be—even (especially!) when it’s growing spinach.

    Sylvia’s Spinach is written by Katherine Pryor, illustrated by Anna Raff, and published by Readers to Eaters, whose mission is to promote food literacy from the ground up.

    Katherine Pryor
    Anna Raff
    October 2014