Sweet Dreams, Sarah

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    The true story of Sarah E Goode, who was among the first African-American women awarded a US patent.

    Sweet Dreams, Sarah

    An incredible true story of determination, hard work and big dreams, Sweet Dreams, Sarah tells the inspirational story of Sarah E. Goode—entrepreneur, inventor and among the first African-American women to be awarded a US patent. Sarah grew up a slave and dreamed of so much more. After the abolition of slavery, Sarah moved to Chicago to build a life for herself and her family. She built furniture and opened a shop to serve her local community. Sarah listened to her customers, and soon realized they needed something brand new: a piece of furniture that was innovative and space saving. Through grit and determination Sarah achieved things she previously had only dreamed of—sweet dreams that became a reality.

    Sweet Dreams, Sarah is written by Vivian Kirkfield, illustrated by Chris Ewald and published by Creston Books.

    Vivian Kirkfield
    Chris Ewald
    April 2019