Stay Wild My Child

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    There are a lot of rules for Zoe to follow. But according to her mom, there are also times when the rules don’t apply.

    Stay Wild My Child

    The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and Zoe is excited. She’s about to have a fun-filled day with her mom. But when they go to the library, Miss Foster says Zoe isn’t allowed to talk loud. And when they go to the park, Mr. Jones says she’s not allowed to walk on the grass. Then at Grandma’s house, Grandma says she can’t wear wet shoes in the house. And at the store, a sign says kids aren’t allowed to play inside.

    Is Zoe ever allowed to do fun things? Or is climbing, playing, yelling, and splashing in puddles always off-limits? According to Zoe’s mom, it’s all about knowing when and where to have fun. Then, you can be as wild as you want.

    Written by Mandy Archer and illustrated by Shane Crampton, Stay Wild My Child demonstrates an important lesson for both kids and adults: Though some rules must be followed, everyone needs a space to be messy, expressive, and unrestrained. Published by Rainstorm Publishing, an imprint of Kidsbooks.

    Mandy Archer
    Shane Crampton
    December 2019