Slumberkins Presents: Slumber Sloth

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    Slumber Sloth uses breathing & relaxation techniques, perfect for little ones at bedtime.

    Slumberkins Presents: Slumber Sloth

    Drift off to dreamland with Slumber Sloth. This gentle story encourages breathing and relaxation techniques, sure to calm and soothe restless little ones. The story can be used as a tool to promote sleep or manage anxiety. Using progressive muscle relaxation, children learn to relax their bodies and minds before bed.

    Social and emotional development topics include:

    Relaxation and Sleep

    Mind-body Connection

    Anxiety Management

    Slumber Sloth is just one of many groundbreaking storybooks from the creative and highly celebrated minds behind Slumberkins. Their mission is to provide parents and caregivers with resources that promote early emotional learning skills for young children, while strengthening the parent child bond. Each Slumberkins book uses an interactive story time approach infused with therapeutic techniques and skill-building exercises.

    Be on the lookout for even more Slumberkins storybooks coming to Vooks soon!

    Kelly Oriard & Callie Christensen
    Theresa Thomson
    December 2017