Sleepy Barker

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    In this bilingual tale, Barker hears a noise in the night. Fortunately, mommy and daddy will come if he needs them.

    Sleepy Barker

    After Barker goes to bed, he hears a noise outside his window in the dark, dark night. Then he hears another. The noises scare Barker. Who is out there howling? Who is out there hooting? What is out there boom-booming? Mommy and daddy come and turn on the light. They explain where the sounds are coming from, and Barker goes back to sleep.

    Later, Barker is again woken in the night. Will he be able to go back to sleep, knowing that his mommy and daddy will come if he needs them? Now he knows what the noises are and who made them. Will that be enough to make him feel safe? Come along for this bilingual story of bravery as Barker learns about the unknown.

    A ¡Hola, English! title, Sleepy Barker gently introduces the concept of finding reassurance by confronting (and learning about) our fears. The narrative also reminds kids that parents are never far, and that when needed, adults can be looked to for comfort. Written by Harriet Ziefert in both English and Spanish, illustrated by Elliot Kreloff, and published by Blue Apple Books.

    Jan Johnston
    Elliot Kreloff, Harriet Ziefert
    April 2015