Simms Taback’s Dinosaurs

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    One of these dinosaurs has a long neck. One has three horns, and another has no teeth. Can you guess who they all are?

    Simms Taback’s Dinosaurs

    One of these dinosaurs’s back legs are shorter than their front. Another has three horns—two big and one small—with a giant head and a frill. One is toothless with a long, pointy beak and long, pointy wings for flying. And then another is covered with armor and bony plates, with a bony club on the end of its tail—while another has a spiky tail for defense.

    Who are these dinosaurs? Were you able to guess one or two? Spikes and scales, plates and claws, teeth and tails—come follow the hints and see if you can name these reptiles before each one’s identity is revealed.

    An overview of five iconic dinosaurs, Simms Taback’s Dinosaurs describes each reptile with increasingly clearer hints before finally revealing their name. Written and illustrated by Simms Taback and published by Blue Apple Books.

    Harriet Ziefert
    Simms Taback
    April 2012