Shapes Roll

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    Shapes of every size and kind are found inside this book. The whole wide world is made of shapes—everywhere you look.

    Shapes Roll

    Some shapes roll, some don't. Some shapes stack, others won't. Some shapes lie down, while others stand tall. How many shapes are there in all? Circles, squares, and triangles, even ovals, and diamonds. Some shapes we only see at night, glimmering up above. Some shapes tell us where to go. Others make us think of love.

    Come along for a journey that’ll make you see shapes—and the world around us—in a totally different way. Because every shape is different, and we’re all made of those shapes. That’s a part of what makes us all the same—and incredibly unique!

    Shapes That Roll sees the world through angles, lines, and curves. By connecting the dots of how shapes convey meaning and utility, the narrative teaches new shapes (such as ovals and octagons) while prompting discussion about what a shape represents. Rhythmically written by Karen Nagel and illustrated by Steve Wilson, Shapes That Roll is published by Blue Apple Books.

    Karen Nagel
    Steve Wilson
    September 2009