Sam's Pet Temper

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    Sam found a new pet on the playground. It’s a Temper—and before long, Sam starts to wish it would leave him alone.

    Sam's Pet Temper

    Sam has a new pet. It’s a Temper, and he found it on the playground. At first, the Temper is great company—it shoves, trips, pinches, and stomps until the playground is cleared out just for Sam. But when it follows Sam home, the Temper soon becomes hard to handle. Sam starts to wish it would leave him alone.

    When his Temper takes things too far at school, Sam knows he has to do something. But how does a person get their Temper to calm down? Can it be controlled, or will he simply have to live with it? Come along as Sam wrestles with his emotions and tries to rid himself of his pet Temper for good.

    This funny yet touching story by Sangeeta Bhadra explores the concepts of handling frustration, taking responsibility, emotional learning, and recognizing that anger isn’t a part of our identities. Illustrated by Marion Arbona, Sam’s Pet Temper was published by Kids Can Press Ltd. in 2014.

    Sangeeta Bhadra
    Marion Arbona
    September 2014