Ronnie and His Grit

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    Ronnie has an inner voice named Grit, and it pushes him to achieve his dreams. But just how far can Grit take him?

    Ronnie and His Grit

    Ronnie Lott has always been tough. As a kid, when he fell down, he felt something inside him start to rumble. That something was a voice called Grit. On the court or off the field, no matter where he went or what he played, Grit was there. When he tumbled, Grit said, “Get back up!” When he fumbled, Grit said, “Let’s try again!”

    When Grit helps Ronnie become a professional football player, he’ll have a shot at achieving his dreams. But just how far can Grit take him? Join Ronnie as he pushes his limits and answers the question: Is Grit living in all of us? If so, how can we learn to hear its voice?

    Ronnie and his Grit is based on the true-life story of NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott. A tribute to the power of courage, respect, self-restraint, and unflinching resolve, Ronnie and his Grit is a 2021 Vooks Original. Written by Ronnie Lott and Leslie Harter and illustrated by Jonathan Sundy.

    Ronnie Lott & Leslie Harter
    Jonathan Sundy
    May 2021