Pierre the Penguin

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    Come along for the true story of how Pierre lost his feathers, and his good friend Pam set out to help grow them back.

    Pierre the Penguin

    Pierre lives at the zoo. He’s an African Penguin, which means he doesn’t like the ice. He prefers to be warm. One day, while feeding the penguins, a biologist named Pam noticed Pierre had lost all of his feathers. The other penguins were frightened by how Pierre looked—and because he had no feathers, he was too cold to swim in the water. What could Pam do to help?

    Come along for the true-life story of how Pam set out to solve Pierre’s problem. Would a space heater fix the issue? Or maybe a penguin-sized wetsuit? One way or another, she was determined to keep Pierre warm until he’d grown new feathers of his own.

    Pierre the Penguin follows the true story of how aquatic biologist Pam Schaller creatively helped a penguin in need. The narrative teaches about different breeds of penguins, molting, insulation, and other basic scientific concepts. Written by Jean Marzollo, illustrated by Laura Regan, and published by Sleeping Bear Press.

    Jean Marzollo
    Laura Regan
    April 2010