Physics Animated

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    Inertia, thrust, and gravity, oh my! This is no ordinary physics lesson—this is Physics Animated!

    Physics Animated

    Who ever said physics was boring?! With Physics Animated, little ones will have a blast as they explore topics like gravity, inertia, buoyancy and more! Using real-life examples and engaging visuals, this is the perfect introduction to the exciting world of physics. Kids (and parents) will not only discover more about the world around them, they’ll have fun doing it too!

    Physics Animated is the perfect tool for instructing and inspiring children of all ages! This insightful title is written by Tyler Jorden, illustrated by Elsa Martins and published by Familius, a values-driven publisher on a mission to teach, inspire and bring families together.

    Tyler Jorden
    Elsa Martins
    December 2018