Our Class is a Family

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    Family isn't just who you're related to. It can be another special group who love and care for you.

    Our Class is a Family

    Family is a special thing and family isn’t always just your relatives. Family can be those you love and who love you, the people who would do anything for you and love you no matter what. This heartwarming story helps little ones understand the special bond between their classroom family–and that their classroom is a place where it’s safe to be themselves, it’s ok to make mistakes and it’s important to be a friend to others. Now more than ever, no matter where that ‘classroom’ might be, it’s important that students understand the message that their class is a family.

    Our Class is a Family is authored by Shannon Olson, a teacher, elementary education blogger and business owner focused on creating resources to use in the classroom. With its warm love filled story and engaging artwork from illustrator Sandie Sonke, Our Class is a Family is sure to be a hit in classrooms around the globe.

    Shannon Olsen
    Sandie Sonke
    December 2019