Olivia's Tower

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    Olivia’s mom says everything is built with blocks called cells. But where are the blocks hiding?

    Olivia's Tower

    Just like one of her towers, everything around Olivia is built with blocks called cells. Or at least, that’s what Olivia’s mom says. But where are the blocks hiding? Olivia doesn’t see them in her yard. The house is made of bricks, but Olivia can’t find cells. The playground isn’t built out of cell-blocks either! Maybe if Olivia thought like her mom—like a scientist—she’d get what her mom was trying to tell her.

    What happens when Olivia steps into the lab and looks at the world through a microscope? Come journey into the world of beakers, scales, flasks, and Bunsen burners. You might be surprised by what you see.

    Using the simple metaphor of building blocks, Olivia’s Tower introduces readers to the concept of cells as the building blocks of the physical world. The story also explains the scientific method, along with various tools a scientist uses inside a lab. Written and illustrated by Gretchen Day. Published by Storybook Genius, LLC.

    Gretchen Day
    Gretchen Day
    October 2020