O is for Ocean

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    Practice your alphabet with your favorite ocean-dwellers, from outgoing anemones to spotted zebra sharks!

    O is for Ocean

    You might never have heard of a bashful barracuda. And you may not know about the clownfish. Or the dolphins and the eels, or the flounders and giant squids—or even the picky hermit crabs, who are happy to swap their shell with one of their neighbors. What do these fishy creatures have in common? They’re alphabetically organized, from outgoing anemones on down to the spotted zebra sharks.

    Come along for a tour of the ocean floor, one letter at a time. While practicing your ABCs, you might meet a few gilly, frilly new friends.

    An ocean-themed ABC primer, O is for Ocean introduces offbeat fish, crustaceans, and oceanic features that you might never have seen before. Written by Ashley Marie Mireles, illustrated by Volha Kaliaha, and published by Familius.

    Ashley Marie Mireles
    Volha Kaliaha
    April 2020