Nita's First Signs

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    Get ready kids (and adults too)—it’s time to learn ten essential signs that everyone should know!

    Nita's First Signs

    Baby sign language is an amazing tool of communication for little ones, and Nita’s First Signs makes it easy and fun! Get ready to learn ten essential signs, including eat, more, love, please, and thank you. Each sign is taught in context through a cute, simple story between baby Nita and her parents. With clear visuals set at a steady pace, little ones and guardians alike will learn baby sign language with ease!

    Nita’s First Signs is written by Kathy MacMillan, illustrated by Sara Brezzi and published by Familius with ASL/deaf culture advising done by Dr. Barbara Kannapell.

    Kathy MacMillan
    Sara Brezzi
    December 2017
    5m 39s