Naughty and Nice

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    Emily and Alex are twins. Even though they look the same, they’re as different as brothers and sisters can be.

    Naughty and Nice

    Emily and Alex are twins. They have the same birthday. They have the same last name. But somehow, Emily and Alex are also different—as different as brothers and sisters can be. One likes to be quiet, and one likes to be noisy. One likes to go slow, and one likes to go fast. One likes to be naughty, and one likes to be nice.

    With so much difference between them, do Emily and Alex have anything in common other than being twins? Well, there might be a few things. They both like yummy things rather than yucky ones. And they both might like to work together—even if one does push while the other would rather pull.

    A sweet, simple story about varying personalities, Naughty and Nice gives a nod to how our differences can be just as important as our similarities. A companion story to Plain and Fancy, Naughty and Nice is illustrated by celebrated French artist Stephane Barroux. Written and published by Harriet Ziefert.

    Harriet Ziefert
    March 2013