My Dog Bob

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    Digging, painting, exploring, bathing—Max and his BFF (Best Furry Friend) Bob do everything together.

    My Dog Bob

    Max and his BFF (Best Furry Friend) Bob do everything together. On “Bring Your Pet to School Day,” they sit side by side at the back of the school bus. During lunchtime, Bob helps Max eat everything—even his vegetables. In the afternoon, they trek deep into the jungle to discover new creatures. They paint, and dig in the sandbox, and play catch and make believe.

    Because of his sticky-out tail—and because he gets scared of the dark—Bob even sleeps in Max’s bed at night. Is there anything that can separate these two? It’s doubtful. Come meet Bob, and find out why he and Max are the very best of buds.

    A lighthearted celebration of a boy’s best friend, My Dog Bob follows the small adventures that young children share with their pets. Written by Steph Clarkson, illustrated by Alison Brown, and published by Kidsbooks.

    Steph Clarkson
    Alison Brown
    May 2021