Mouse Mystery

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    Late at night, Miss Mouse hears a strange sound. Is it a ghost? Cause if it is, she and her friends plan to catch it.

    Mouse Mystery

    Late, late at night, Miss Mouse hears a strange sound: A sigh, then a scratch, then a scrape, then an odd little cry. Who’s out there? What’s out there? Is it a ghost? Miss Mouse tells her friends about the noises, and they make a plan. If it is a ghost, there must be a way to catch it. Spider spins a web. Bunny supplies some slippery peas. The trap is set.

    But as Goat predicts, the trap doesn’t work. What’s the best way to catch a ghost, Miss Mouse asks? With cheese! Come along as Miss Mouse sets out to solve the mystery of the late-night noises—and maybe makes a new friend along the way.

    Written by Susan Pearson and illustrated by Amanda Shepherd, Mouse Mystery shows how things can be a lot more fun—and a lot less scary—with friends. The story focuses on themes of sharing, inclusion, and the importance of everyone having a place to call home. Published by Blue Apple Books.

    Susan Pearson
    Amanda Sheperd