Mouse House

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    Miss Mouse wants a house. But to make her vision come true, she’ll need help from all of her animal friends.

    Mouse House

    Miss Mouse wants a house. Not a hole in the ground, or a nest, or a web. A real house, with walls and a door and a dandy new floor. Of course, she can’t do it on her own—but her friends are happy to help out. Beaver gathers wood. Spider spins silky curtains. Duck and Sheep bring feathers and wool for a bed. Bunny and Hen team up to make an eggshell chair.

    Come along as Miss Mouse and friends put together her new house one piece at a time. There really is no place like home—and no home is complete without twigs and seeds and honey from the bees, and your neighborhood goat’s most wonderful cheese.

    Celebrating how our various talents, resources, and preferences make us unique, Mouse House demonstrates how those differences can bring us together. The story also shows how small contributions can make a big impact in the lives of others. Written by Susan Pearson, illustrated by Amanda Shepherd, and published by Blue Apple Books.

    Susan Pearson
    Amanda Shepherd
    October 2013