Mister Fairy

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    Mister Fairy doesn’t fit in with the other fairies. So, he decides to leave the forest—and learns something unexpected.

    Mister Fairy

    Mister Fairy isn’t like the other fairies. They all have special talents—but when Mister Fairy tries to copy them, it never turns out right. Morning fairies wake everyone up. Mister Fairy can barely get up in time for breakfast. Boo-boo fairies fix and heal and make things all better. When Mister Fairy waves his wand, the trees just turn to fluff.

    One day, sad and unhappy, Mister Fairy decides he’s had enough. He leaves the forest. But then he learns something he didn’t expect—a secret that makes him see the world quite a bit differently. Will Mister Fairy find a place among the other fairies? Or will he always be an outsider, even with his discovery?

    Mister Fairy is a touching, humorous tale about fitting in and finding one’s place in the world. The story presents the reality that sometimes your talent is hiding in plain sight: it might simply take the right time and place to reveal what was there all along. Written by Morgane de Cadier, illustrated by Florian Pige, and published by Red Comet Press.

    Morgane de Cadier
    Florian Pige
    September 2021