Mae The Mayfly

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    When Mae hatches, she only has a single day to see the world—a day bursting with danger, discoveries, and adventure.

    Mae The Mayfly

    When Mae the mayfly hatches, Mama says she only has a single day to see the world. How will that day unfold? First, Mae nearly gets eaten by a trout. Then she watches the sunrise over the river. She even gets to dance at a wild mayfly jamboree. But then Mae finds the trout once more—and this time, he needs her help. Will she free him from the fishing line? Or will she carefully protect the little time she has left?

    In her one short day, May will encounter many wonders and even an important lesson: If we hope to experience everything—even the scary things—the world has to offer, we must learn to live fully in each moment.

    Mae the Mayfly reminds readers that if we hope to enjoy our lives, we must be present and mindful every day. The story tenderly explores diverse perspectives, the beauty in small things, and the sweet brevity of life. It also touches on the impact of our actions, and how connected our experiences really are. Written by Denise Brennan-Nelson and illustrated by Florence Weiser, Mae the Mayfly is published by Sleeping Bear Press.

    Denise Brennan-Nelson
    Florence Weiser
    March 2020