Love Big

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    On the African savanna, a few hungry animals are looking for food—and they find something incredible along the way.

    Love Big

    On the African savanna, hungry creatures are looking for food. But when Rhino trips and gets hurt, he finds kindness instead—when Beetle helps him treat his bruise. Rhino is impressed. He’s never experienced kindness before. So, he gives kindness back to Beetle. He passes it on to Termite, Baboon, and Little Hare too. Before long, the whole savanna is feeling the effects of kindness, as it spreads from one creature to the next.

    By listening, sharing, and caring, the animals make an incredible discovery. Come along for the journey and learn the secret of how big love can transform each of us as people—and the whole world around us as well.

    A mythical story of where the bunny got its hop and the lion got its mane, Love Big shows that when we care for each other, we all grow in incredible ways. The story focuses on kindness, sharing, listening, and caring. Written by Kat Kronenberg, illustrated by David Miles, and published by Greenleaf Book Group Press.

    Kat Kronenberg
    David Miles
    January 2019