Lizzie Lou Can Do

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    Playing, singing, dressing up and making a splash—there are so many things that Lizze Lou can do. How about you?

    Lizzie Lou Can Do

    There’s no end to the many things that Lizzie Lou can do. She can play with all of her many toys—like her blocks, her horse, and her noisy drums. She can sing up high (or sing down low) while she pretends to perform her own rock show. She can play dress up in a pretty princess gown, wearing a crown and waving her sparkly wand around.

    Sharing tea, jumping around, laughing and snacking and diving deep down—there are so many things to be done, and so many ways to have fun. As you come along for an exciting day with the wonderful Lizzie Lou, how many of the things that Lizzie does are things you love to do too?

    Lizzie Lou Can Do celebrates the fun-filled daily activities of childhood in easy, rhyming verse. Written by Laura Gates Galvin, illustrated by Susan Cornelison, and published by Rainstorm Publishing, an imprint and trademark of Kidsbooks, LLC.

    Laura Gates Galvin
    Susan Cornelison
    November 2020