Little Craig: The Yellow Bike

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    Little Craig has a new bike and loves riding it around town! But when he's accused of something he didn't do, he learns an important lesson.

    Little Craig: The Yellow Bike

    Every kid in Little Craig’s town wants the exact same thing: a shiny, yellow 10-speed bike! After lots of chores and lots of homework, Craig's dreams come true and his mom buys him the prized bicycle. He's off to the races, wheeling around town as happy as can be. Until, a fateful encounter finds a police officer questioning Craig about where he got his new bike. Things suddenly take a turn for the worse, and he is accused of something he didn't do.

    Based on a true story, this Little Craig book teaches the lesson of rising above. That's the lesson Craig Robinson learned in real-life, when a police officer assumed he'd stolen his new bike. Craig's mom Marian Robinson, always protective and supportive of her son, helped set the record straight—eventually getting an apology from the officer—and helped Craig learn the hard reality of prejudice and racism, and the importance of rising above. As Craig Robinson explains in an author's note at the end of the book: "No one can make you feel bad if you feel good about yourself."

    A Vooks Original, Little Craig: The Yellow Bike teaches about rising above what other people might think. Based on a true story, the book is written by Craig Robinson and Leslie Harter, and Illustrated by Jonathan Sundy.

    Leslie Harter
    Jonathan Sundy
    August 2022