Little Craig: Balloons and Cake

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    Little Craig loves birthday parties! But when he gets invited to two parties on the same day, he has to make a tough decision.

    Little Craig: Balloons and Cake

    Little Craig loves birthday parties, even though he doesn’t get invited very often. That is until Craig gets invited to TWO birthday parties, on the same day. Joey’s the new kid in school, and he invited Craig to his party first. But Dan is Craig’s good friend, and he invited Craig to his party second. Little Craig is torn between keeping his word to Joey, or going to his friend Dan’s party instead. Craig’s mom reminds him “You’re only as good as your word,” and leaves the choice up to him. Little Craig has a tough decision to make, but with his mom’s encouraging words, he just might learn a valuable lesson that will guide him the rest of his life.

    Based on a true story, this Little Craig book teaches the lesson of keeping your word. That’s the lesson Craig Robinson learned in real-life, when he was invited to two birthday parties on the same day. Craig’s mom Marian Robinson, always full of wisdom, helped him learn the valuable lesson that he still remembers to this day. The adorable illustrations bring Little Craig’s world to life, and a heartwarming retro-inspired soundtrack takes you back to the real-life era the story comes from. Little Craig: Balloons and Cake is the first book in the new Little Craig series, which teaches important lessons that kids can take with them for life.

    A Vooks Original, Little Craig: Balloons and Cake teaches the lesson that keeping your word is important, even if it’s the hard thing to do. Based on a true story and a real-life lesson learned, the book is written by Craig Robinson and Leslie Harter, and Illustrated by Skylar Hogan.

    Craig Robinson & Leslie Harter
    Skylar Hogan
    March 2022